Marine Aquarium for Everyone!

Headoffice-Sodepur,Ghola Chanditala, Barasat Road, kol-110, kolkata, West Bengal,India.

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I am ABHISHEK CHOUDHURY Founder of SEASCAPES is here by to state you that, SEASCAPES is a government registered company which is dealing with MARINE AQUARIUMS.
We use to install marine aquariums Setups in personal as well as commercial level. Such as Home, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Banks, Hospitals, Nursing homes etc.
SEASCAPES is a Authentic Company having good service providers.
We are offering you for a presentation on our works and creativity along with our best service.
Our Aim is to renovate or decorate your place by installing a MARINE AQUARIUM according to your test and demands.
So please give us an appointment with you for our presentation at your place in your convenient time. So that we can sit together and can discuss regurding this matter in details.
You can call or mail us in given contact details for further Quarries! If any? And can go through our given website for details.

Benefits of Marine Aquarium!

  • Marine Aquarium itself is a big Stress Buster.
  • Marine Aquarium has a complete Natural view which is good for our eyes and as well as our mental relief.
  • Marine Aquarium is a Natural Blood pressure lowering concept without any side effects.
  • It’s a best time pass ever. Also develops the concentration level.
  • According to vastu-sastra Marine Aquarium is good for your Home, offices, Business and as well as your Family’s betterment.
  • It’s a unique concept to be close to be with Nature.
  • Marine Aquarium is a dame good lucrative & attractive concept for your sitting place.
  • Marine Aquarium will change & add new colors in your life, In your sitting room, corridor, entrance, bedroom, office, showroom and where ever you will placed it.

SEASCAPES…. Our Name says it all… 3/4th of earth is covered by sea..where millions of beautiful living creatures situated their ecological colony giving heavenly feelings by viewing that… Our AIM is to represent you a cutout window of nature beauty under the OCEAN in the corner of your room, by presenting you that PARADISE and the heavenly beauty at your own place, may be in your home, hospitals, schools, hotels, showrooms etc, where ever you wants….
I ABHISHEK CHOUDHURY started my journey alone 10 years back as a marine professional and fountain maker. At that time i struggle a lot for my establishment.. A high quality workforce of professional talents, together with a localized and well regulated management, has contributed to the internationally strategic goals of SEASCAPES. In addition SEASCAPES has an unbeatable international team in terms of research,art,creativity, innovation and professionalism, including degree holder in professional course in ornamental fish culture and marine aquarium. Based on a complete operational management system and well-designed regulations, SEASCAPES is marching into the Fortune 500 in big strides by relying on the remarkable theories such as “New Swap and Alternative Theory”, “New Supermarket Theory”. “Theory in which service come 1st.” Theory to provides ever best qualities of products.” And last but not the least… Theory of MARINE AQUARIUM FOR EVERYONE…. Along these theories our Marine aquarium business, our SEASCAPES and our good will reaches
several states in india.. such as Delhi. Mumbai, Assam, Bhubaneshwar, Digha,Siliguri and many more…


SEASCAPES has its own Marine Aquarium Showroom in sodepur. Right now it’s 1st and only marine aquarium showroom in Kolkata. We are certified from various organisation and I am qualified and certified from kalyani university on ornamental fishery and marine biology.

Few important points regarding us….

  • Price range for a MARINE AQUARIUM starting from 20000/- to 20,000,00/- according to customer’s test and requirement..
  • We are authentic company to serve you having proper lenience,and certified from Indian govt..
  • Proper AMC service will provided by us..
  • Your tank- Our responsibility.
  • A-to-Z required materials and service will provided by us…
  • We provide you a promising service support and high quality work result…
  • We have a quality qualified knowledgeable team to setup your tank..
  • 100% free service for 1st months in any new marine tank setup by us….



Our team of talented acrylic artisans are committed to creating the most innovative aquatic exhibits on earth. Our team is made up of highly skilled, dedicated individuals who rely on experience, ingenuity and technical expertise to create stunning and functional works of art. Headquartered in Kolkata,West Bengal, INDIA. SEASCAPES is India-renowned for designing and manufacturing iconic custom marine aquariums, water features, acrylic art, and themed exhibits. Our primary mission is to create epic aquatic experiences that inspire and captivate onlookers, all while adhering to a proven philosophy that puts its main focus on providing a healthy and safe environment for all of the inhabitants. Over our long history we have crafted a wide range of custom marine aquariums, water features, touch tanks,and even themed exhibits! If you want to see some of our incredible works check out our gallery for some of the beautiful masterpieces we’ve created for other clients.


We constantly search for new opportunities to create aquariums that will expand our abilities. We challenge ourselves and our clients to consider whatever is possible.


We combine classic techniques with state of the art technologies in order to provide our clients with the finest quality aquatics products in the world.


Unlike other manufacturers, we provide our clients with turnkey solutions that are entirely designed, built and tested inside our factory.


9007823193, 7044779977